Poster Designs

A collection of different posters created for a variety of courses, clubs, and club events.

La Société Francophile Singing Competition


Art in the Community Members (previously called Art Jam)


Yearbook Recruit 2015 - 2016


Yearbook Recruit 2016 - 2017


IB Business Management Job vs Batch Production


The above are various posters for different occasions in either my courses or in different clubs to promote the club itself or different club hosted events.  I was often asked to create posters due to my background in IB Visual Art and role in the Yearbook Team.

These smaller roles add up and help me to develop the following skills:
Communication: it helped me in a different area of communication where there is a message to persuade or inform, yet not a lot of words may be used. It helped to strengthen my ability to manipulate both text and images to create a visual representation of the message.
Creativity: by needing visual representations for promotions or to recruit members, it allowed me a lot of creativity in how to design the posters to grab people's attention while still relating to the topic at hand.
Graphic Design: creating these posters continued to help me hone on my skills in Adobe Illustrator through using vector images and how to manipulate the interface.

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Learning Significance

  1. My design skills have continued to develop from simpler designs to more complex and I've grown throughout the years as a graphic designer. I hope to continue learning more techniques and tricks for more stunning visual designs.