Some Things You Don’t Forget

Some Things You Don't Forget is the title of a multimedia creative writing piece that features three short written works surrounding the theme of Mixed Emotions, accompanied by videos and photos.

Some Things You Don't Forget is a multimedia piece of creative writing that features three 500 word written pieces surrounding the theme of Mixed Emotions.  I chose to undertake this theme through the idea of the numerous amounts of emotions felt in failed romantic relationships: joy, sadness, melancholy, relief, anger, etc.  Approaching this project, I chose to tell the story as a backwards timeline, starting from the present, then going further back into the past.

The project can be found by clicking here.

Completing this project required using the following skills:
Communication & Writing: not only do the three written pieces showcase my skills in written communication through story-telling in both narrative and poetic form, but it also demonstrates how I am able to use multiple types of media (song, photograph, video, etc.) to aid in communicating my message.
Creativity: due to the broad thematic topic that was given, I had to figure out how did I particularly want to portray this topic in an area that interested me. I believe that I displayed creativity when finding not only the stories to write but also in how I wrote them whilst choosing the right multimedia pieces to accompany them.
Graphic Design: due to the online platform in how this project is portrayed, it required my own skills in layout and graphic design, choosing to place them in linear order as the reader scrolls down on the computer going deeper into the story timeline.

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Learning Significance

  1. This really confirmed a love for writing and storytelling for me, learning that the same thematic topic could be represented is so many different ways, even from my own head. It helped to continue to develop my writing skills and hopefully will continue to lend to more sophisticated written work.