Dear Diary

Dear Diary is an art piece made from a single sheet of black paper. It is a paper cut of an old personal diary entry.

Dear Diary
Natalie Fong
Paper Cut in Acrylic Frame
93cm x 120cm
January 2016

Dear Diary is a very personal piece of work done with the paper cut technique, inspired by the artist, Annie Vought, from a personal diary entry that shows the insecurities and emotions that I have felt before. The piece in the acrylic frame is stretched and fragile, similar to our state of mind and the state of our emotions at the time we write in diaries, while text as a visual adds pattern and rhythm symbolising the comforting stability we gain through writing.

Working on this piece allowed me to showcase several of my skills:
Technical (Visual Art) & Detail Orientation: although this was quite a large piece, it required a lot of small cuts to be made with a precision knife while ensuring that the cursive letters stay intact. It took up a lot of focus and showcases the precise cutout of each individual letter.
Time Management & Patience:
as each cut was so small, it took a very long time (40+ hours) to complete, meaning it took very good time management and patience in order to finish before the deadline, especially considering that each line of writing took over an hour to complete.

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Learning Significance

  1. This was the piece that really got me interested in text as a visual element. This piece showcases the rhythmic qualities of writing and the combinations of letters for form words and sentences, while seeing the intricate beauty of simple lines. I started off my journey in finding my focus in the realm of art.