Self Portrait

Self Portrait is a 2 ft by 6 ft life-sized acrylic painting of myself aimed to be a grand showcase of my technical painting skills.







Self Portrait
Natalie Fong
Acrylic on Canvas
2 ft. x 6 ft.
December 2017

This is a self portrait of myself that was done in the VISA 180 course, serving as the epitome of how my technical painting skills have developed from high school through the course of the term.

This pieces has helped me to continue developing the following skills:
Technical (Visual Art): although I have painted in the past, this project really showcases how I have developed in painting through the fashion of realism.  I've challenged my skills in painting numerous textures like fabric, hair, metal, and leaves that all require different types of brushstrokes.
Time Management: as this was the final project of the course, and such a large piece, it required me to manage my time well, completing different aspects leading up to the due date which allows me to spend a substantial amount of time in getting the details right.

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Learning Significance

  1. I had to practice a lot of different textures before I wanted to commit to it on the canvas, hence, I was able to practice multiple textures and methods of painting, broadening and improving my skills in painting. I hope to be able to use these skills in future works.